February 2021

Knife’s Edge

By Leilah GraceHaving been stuck at home for the past month unable to hike I have empathy for Rue, home on medical restrictions, unable to hike. Hiking is my chance to connect not only to nature, but to myself. It is the space to quiet my mind, seek connection, rest, reset, and breathe freely. It is a sacred space, whether it’s a short 3-4 miles or a multi-day backpacking trip this time away from societal expectations and responsibilities where I find my freedom. I crave the wind against my face […]

How to Introduce Your Child to Hiking

By: Dani FloccoI honestly cannot think of a better experience to share with my children than exploring the outdoors. Hiking with your child is not always easy, but it is beyond rewarding in so many ways.​As a mom of twins, I was not a fan of the carrier options out there for two—though there are some nice ones for singletons—so my girls had to start their outdoor adventures on their own two feet, just a couple of months after they began walking. I got them the best sneakers fo […]