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Congratulations to Rue as he completed the First Scouting Hike of the APT October 8th, 2022 in Bend, Oregon!

Stay tuned for a membership meeting in November. Date to be released shortly.

Posts From the Board

The Eternal Question 

By: Rue McKenrick

What, you ask, is an eternal question? In the simplest terms it is a question that takes so long to ask that there is never time for an answer. You get it? Don’t worry Folks, I am not going to get metaphysical here. Well, maybe just a little philosophical.
suzane tunnel


By: Suzanne

When I was around 10 years old my class went to Natures Classroom. This is a residential environmental education program that still runs today, which I brought many children to when I drove a school bus.

Bridging the Gap

By: Leilah Grace

How do you put into words the feelings of completion and accomplishment after 3 yers of pursuing a dream that was not yours at the start? How do you explain the emotional shift that occurred years ago when this vision of another became yours as well?
deschutes river with sun
Yet, another chapter in the APT saga has been signed, sealed, yet not delivered. Here I will lay out our course to deliver the APT experience. The Team and I remain busy creating new content so you can share in this last effort to backpack and document The APT. Look for more posting on social media and YouTube of the final push. Also, I am currently residing at the base of The Beartooth and Crazy Mountains in Montana with FilmMakers Alex and Amy from Wilderness Mindset Productions. Together we are exploring exactly what it means to be of a wilderness mindset and capture this historic moment. The APTConference is not funding this project but I felt it was important to mention it here since we are producing a documentary about The APT. There we will be weekly productions released on YouTube. We know this will encourage many to get involved with building The APT. I am honored to be working with these true Professionals. They have definitely become members of The APT Family.

I continue to reach out to media outlets all over the country to get our message of conservation out to the world. We will be sure to keep you abreast and share with you what we can. Part of bringing the APT to the world is providing beta. I am currently digitally mapping the entire route. This will be available to you on your favorite hiking apps in 2023. This is so important because it is yet one more way we can serve our community and encourage grants for all aspects of development. Also look for all the great virtual and in-person community events you have come to expect from The Conference.

There is no time for respite. In fact it is more important now than ever for us to not rest on our laurels. I have every intention of expanding The APT leadership over the next few months. It is a matter of necessity and utility. None of us are dispensable in this mission. Not one. The antecedent of vision is directly correlated to our joined progression of growth. Of course, there will be growing pains but we will share them. Let’s Build iT! Is Our Battlecry.

Fair winds,

Homecoming Livestream

Did you miss the YouTube Livestream of Rue walking into Drake Park in Bend? Catch it here, he crosses the bridge around the 25 min mark, so you can jump ahead or watch the silliness as Leilah tries to keep the bridge clear.

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