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Hi Builder
Happy November!
This month the APT held it's very first membership meeting. If you're not a member please consider joining the movement and supporting the efforts to create not only the longest continuous trail, but the first conservation corridor looping the contiguous United States.

From the Board

Thank You 2022

I am absolutely not lacking for things to be grateful for this year. At home, one of my three dogs continues to do well after being diagnosed with terminal tumors a year ago and my oldest pup will soon celebrate her 17th birthday.
Thank You 2022

Trail Stuffing

From the Desk

For millennia, People have gathered at the end of the harvest to share the bounty. To break bread and break barriers. To hold babies and to hold hands. To reflect on the past and to gaze to the future. In the spirit of the harvest I take a moment here to share gratitude for the fruits of our APT Community.

One year ago The Conference made a decision to congeal our "Builders" bond by offering membership. I recall us working around the clock in order to prepare the website for such a task. My deadline for our designers was Thanksgiving. Through some long hours and mutual bargaining, we were able to go live with annual membership and our newly designed membership portal by the deadline.

It is with gratitude that I am able to report that we are approaching a hundred members, many more subscribers, representing 40 states, and other countries. APT Builders by nature are a curious bunch. This is because none of us did this in order to join an establishment. Our curiosity drives us to ask the question of what is possible rather than accepting what has been done? Collectively we are on the cutting edge of exploring a new world. A world in which we can be proud of how we made a contribution in our lifetime. A life in which we can be proud that we left the world better than we found it. A space to protect for our grandchildren.

Our curiosity has led us all to take action and that action requires many hands. In 2023 The APT will become an aspiration for many more. I am currently working on digitizing the route so that it may be shared across many platforms. This is a huge undertaking but one that I believe will help to substantiate our shared vision of a protected corridor. It will also allow many more of us to put foot to trail in the furrow of OUR TRAIL. I believe that this physical connection to the APT is what we truly desire. To know where we stand and witness direct upshot of our efforts. Being on The APT has changed my life and I believe it will do the same for many of you. Until then…..well….you already know what I am going to say next.

Let's Build iT! Is Our Battlecry

fair winds,

Off His Back

It was 2003. I was a younger man in those days, in more ways than one. I was driven but naive about what lay ahead. I was cavalier but afraid of the world. I was mostly feral but I still tried to keep up appearances...
Off His Back

New Article

Thanks to Tim Gordon of KGW8 NBC affiliate for a new article about Rue and his vision. Thank you Alex & Amy of Wilderness Mindset for photos and video footage.

Thank You to our Gear Sponsors

Without the support of many different gear companies the first hike of the APT would not have been possible. Major gear providers have been SixMoon Designs, Enlightened Equipment, Garage Grown Gear, Point 6, and Platypus.

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