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With the onset of 2023 the APT is in the active process of refining the route, expanding the corridor to regions defined but not yet explored, and putting trail on the ground in varying states/regions. Rue is currently on a conservation expedition in the Florida and Southern Appalachian regions. Follow along on social media with the #FL2Flagg handle.
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I am pleased to announce a partnership between the APT Conference and Outdoor Vitals. Together we aim to spearhead conservation efforts spanning the greater United States. They are providing support on my current conservation expedition.

The APTC continues to grow bonds between the Florida Trail Association, The Florida Wildlife Corridor Foundation, and the Florida Trail's Hiker Alliance. I have been able to determine several alternate routes to the current Florida Trail. It is my belief by doing so that The APTC will be able to ensure the preservation of constantly developed lands in Florida. Florida is currently the fastest growing state and that is why I refer to it as a conservation battleground state. Its beauty and natural resources are under perpetual threat from expansion. This is a critical time in which each day wildlands are being sacrificed in the spirit of progress.

I had a very enlightening meeting with Florida Trail Founder Jim Kern. In this conversation we discussed the greater need to complete The Florida Trail and what processes may best procure wildcard habitat. We reviewed several documents that he had prepared, which lend themselves to particular action needed directly. We discussed The Constitution of The United States and specific articles and amendments as they pertain to securing land for the greater good of humanity. Mr. Kern gave several suggestions as to how The APTC should proceed with its mission of a 14,000 mile conservation corridor. I will take some time to think about the considerations before laying out a plan. I will continue to meet with Florida and Alabama Conservation Organizations.

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Rue McKenrick
Executive Director
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Rue and Jim Kern

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