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March is Womens History Month and we are highlighting women in conservation on our social media.

Everywhere from The APT of California to that of Maine, weather records are being rewritten. For my part, after finishing the first trek of The APT, I decided to take a break from distance backpacking. As fate would have it I would soon be back on trail.
In December the APT was presented with an opportunity to collect data and compile information in the Florida Region. These reports are the most recent efforts to expand Florida's wildlife corridor. This compilation is the first step in identifying and securing a Florida APT.
This crucial mission to gather data in order to extend the APT by more than a thousand miles is funded by Outdoor Vitals.
These reports will be shared with the greater trail and conservation community in the upcoming months.
In other news, Geographer Tim McGrath and I are putting the finishing touches on the APT GPX file. Along with several partners including Oregon State University we have created the only existing particulars concerning the route. I previously did not release this information due to protecting the interest and safety of The APT Conference, its Members and recreationalists. After receiving generous feedback from the hiking community at large, I have decided now is the time to release it. Initially you will be able to find digital guides on your favorite hiking apps. We will have an announcement later this month when the APT is live!
And with that, you already know what I am going to say next.
Let's Build it! Is Our Battle Cry
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The Appalachian Trail had a

Founding MOTHER.

I petitioned two organizations this past summer to include Mrs.Stephenson in their historical literature and displays. As of now I have not had a reply but I look forward to following up on this effort...

Wet Feet

I had a fairly easy nine mile hike about 45 minutes north planned for the weekend. We had gotten some snow during the week, but most of it was gone. I went with my trailrunners and some gators, grabbed my spikes in case there was any ice and off we went...

Anna’s Book Review: Windswept: Walking the Paths of Trailblazing Women by Annabel Abbs

Meeting books is a lot like meeting people.

There are any number of paths (trails?) that might connect us to one that changes our journey...

Membership Portal Update!

We have a brand new look for our Builders coming this sure to log in and see the new forums, account snapshot, groups and more. Connect with other APT'ers, post photos, share gear reviews. Not a member? Join the movement and help support the APT.

APT Documentary

Alex & Amy from Wilderness Mindset continue their work on the APT documentary. You can contribute to this great project surrounding Rue and the Trail's creation below.

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