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While some parts of the US are still dealing with snow, Spring has sprung for many of us. The trees are showing signs of life and the first plants and flowers are beginning to sprout and bloom. We celebrate Earth Day this month and hope that you find some time to spend outside on April 22.

Conservation is not a policy or idea. Rather it is a commitment. An honor system agreement to preserve the past and to lay a path to the future. Conservation is an education. It is the study of what has existed, what does exist. Conservation is a judgment. A survey of what is preserved in the present and what deserves posterity. Conservation is a verb. It is not a thought experiment without works. Good intentions without meaningful action is departed, bootless. Conservation is a virtue. It identifies our purpose here on Earth. Conservation is a legacy. One of its most important tenants is forward thinking. Conservation is a journey. The APT is the guide.

I am happy to announce that we will soon be making my Florida Conservation Report public. They will be abridged but lay out a way forward in Florida. Essentially, I have chosen a westerly and Gulf Coast route for the APT. This will achieve three important goals. One it allows for a desirable “dry” route in the Sunshine State. Two, it conceives of additions to the existing Wildlife Corridor. Three, it provides more access to the greater southeastern recreational community.

You have all been waiting so patiently and it is finally here. Geographer Tim McGrath and I have completed the first ever American Perimeter Trail gpx file. Through countless hours of development we are now ready to release the first iteration of The APT. Of course, this route will continue to change at a fast rate in the early years of development but it gives us the best opportunity to create the footbed on the ground. What does this mean for you. It means we will be organizing more hikes, work groups, and events. It also give everyone a chance to go hike the trail and log their experience on the Membership Dashboard at
Look to see the APT on your favorite hiking Apps and an interactive map on the website soon.

And Y'all know what I am going to say next,
Let’s Build iT! Is Our Battlecry
Fair Winds,
Rue McKenrick
Executive Director

When the Dust Settles

Many times over the past four years of continuous trekking, I have paused mid stride to ask myself a nonconsequential question. For instance, I wonder what the circumference of the moon is and how do you measure it....

From the Team

Building A Trail

The preserve I volunteer at is breaking ground on a new trail, and I had the opportunity to be part of the work party on day one. Watching the path start with just a few markers to an actual trail by the end of the day was really thrilling...

Book Review

Outdoor Minimalist: Waste Less Hiking, Backpacking and Camping

By Meg Carney

Congratulations to Alex and Amy of Wilderness Mindset on their Award Winning documentary:

Graybeard: The Man, the Myth, The Mississippi.
This feature length film documents F. Dale “Grey Beard” Sanders’ 2,340-mile-long journey in a canoe from the
headwaters of the Mississippi River at Lake Itasca, MN to the Gulf of Mexico. Just for fun, Dale completed the
journey in 87 days to match his age at 87 years old. On September 8, 2022 Dale reached salt water in the Gulf of
Mexico and secured another record in the Guinness book of world records.
Available on DVD or streaming at

Partner Spotlight

Backcountry Foodie recipes kept Rue nourished for over 10,000 miles. Not only can you access 100+ nutritious recipes, BF also offers meal planning, coaching, masterclasses and resupply! Head over to their website to see which membership level will work for you!

Garlic Parmesan Ramen


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Safe travels and happy trails to our intern Anna as she begins her hike on the PCT.

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