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Hi Builder
The end of 2022 and the beginning of a new year. What an incredible year it has been for the conference. Thank you to all who have supported the journey. We look forward to continuing the mission of the conference in 2023.

Happy New Year!

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It never ceases to amaze me what our growing community of dedicated "Builders" can accomplish with few resources or fanfare. The APT is built upon a truly grassroots spirit. We have been supported entirely by individual contributions to build an encircling conservation corridor in The United States. Here are just some of our accomplishments in the short time since our inception.
  • Our community has inspired other projects to begin and informed the movements of larger entities. The APT is proud to announce the building of our first shelter and plans for a second in the works. The shelter inspired The North Country National Scenic Trail to move their route on to our existing trail in Southern Michigan!
  • We have had hundred of hours of press in multiple platforms and media outlets. Our Board continues to keep the community informed through our social media presence. We were featured in a magazine reaching a half million subscribers. Each month the Conference brings stories, tips, updates, and recipes in our newsletter The Thread.
  • We have partnerships with over 30 organizations and companies dedicated to recreation and conservation of wild lands.
  • 14,000 miles of Trail was scouted, mapped, and cataloged ON FOOT. We have created the GPX file so that The American Perimeter Trail will be available on all your favorite apps in 2023.
  • Wilderness Mindset productions has the only backcountry footage of the APT and will be compiling it into a documentary.
  • A plan is being devised for development in The Southeast, Northern Rockies, Southwest, and New England.
  • We formed a Board of Directors which is currently preparing for expansion.
  • A community of Builders is now spanning over 35 states and 2 countries.
  • Our community members continue to find everything APT at our online store.
  • Collectively we continue to join together in online events sponsored and hosted by The Conference.
This just brushes the scope of influence we are having in the world to further our commitment to creating The APT. The most amazing part of our journey is that we have largely achieved all of this with $35, at a time, contributions for membership dues. More exciting is that these contributions only came online a year ago.

We have come so far. Imagine what we can do with additional funding and outreach. Our strength is in each other. We are not a typical organization encumbered by layers of committees upon committees and boards upon subsequent boards. At The APTC one individual can make a huge difference in the trajectory of our work. Please join us. Remember conservation is a journey, not a policy.

Let's Build iT! Is Our Battlecry
fair winds,
Rue McKenrick
Executive Director

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Pandemic Predicament

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Reflections of 2022

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First Day Hike

Join Suzanne or Leilah on a hike on January 1st in Connecticut or Pennsylvania.

Documentary Support

This film will spread the word about the APT and help us on our way to becoming a National Scenic Trail.

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