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I'll See You in Oregon

These past 8 weeks have been an unexpected adventure. Rue having the opportunity to be on the east coast has been this incredible chance for the executive director and vice president to go on adventures and collaborate in person on building the APT. No more meetings over zoom, phone calls at odd times as we juggle a 3-hour time difference …
I'll See You in Oregon


Wandering around just about anywhere in New England you will eventually find a stone wall. It’s inevitable. So, if you already love rocks (who doesn’t) then walls made of lots of rocks is spectacular. And they can go on for miles. Sometimes they turn into foundations for homes or barns, even more rocks. Just like trees and fields of ferns …
I have not been this excited or nervous since beginning this journey in July of 2019. It's "game time." This August 13th I will finish The APT where I began at the Commons Plaza in Bend, Oregon. We will be hosting a Finish Line Event Celebrating the first hike of The APT and a Celebration of Conservation. I will be backpacking into The Plaza that day after completing this 13,000 mile Expedition.
Business must go on though without delay. We all have a lifetime to build the trail but without a moment to waste. We must dig in deep now for this is a precious moment in time. A moment we will never be able to recover in the years that follow. A moment to display everybody's hard work, commitment, and contributions to the largest conservation and recreational effort ever. Now is when we bring the greater outdoor and Conservation Community into the fold. It is our hope to gain National coverage of the event, the strides we have made so far, and the steps we will take in the future. We believe showcasing The APT may advance our work a decade or two. This exposure will solidify the foundation that has already been laid. It gets us closer to making The American Perimeter Trail a household name. None of this happens without volunteers and contributions.
Leilah and Suzanne continue to provide all kinds of opportunities for being part of the APT Experience. They are vital to the ongoing operations of The APTConference. They are not just behind the scenes for you can see them each week on social media. Please feel free to contact them during this time for I will be on trail.
I will hike the last 650 miles to finish. Experienced Documentarian Alex Maier will be joining for some of the route. Making The APT Documentary brings us one closer to meeting our promotional goals. We have received feedback that this creation will ensure a greater sharing of our mission and vision. This is being funded separately from normal operations. I have no other way of saying this than to just state the obvious. We need money to make this film happen. Thus far we have not used any APTC funds. The film will basically pay for itself, when released, by bringing in new "Builders." Please consider helping us in this venture by contributing here. Look at it as a matching contribution campaign in the sense that the film will bring in matching participation through exposure.
For my part, I will be doing the same routing and scouting of The APT. This is important for we hope to offer the entire route this year to you through The APT website and Apps. With this information public and accessible there is little that will be able to arrest the positive progression of this trail.
The APT is no longer a concept. It is a reality.
As I said before, it's game time.
Let's Build iT!
fair winds,

A Fox & A Platypus Walk into A Bar

Death Valley, USA October 2019 At this juncture I awaken every evening for a nature call, sometimes at midnight and sometimes at 2:43 and sometimes at both. My stomach was an utter of curdled milk. I heard it "mooo" often but I could never quite translate Bovine. I would dig in the dark every night, making a cat hole for …
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