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Welcome! We hope you have been enjoying your summer and we have loved seeing the adventures that you all embark upon. Please tag us in your adventures and use #americanperimetertrail so we can follow along on your journeys!

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Hiker Math

As I have previously written about, my 4th grade teacher decided that reading topographical maps and learning to use a compass was more important than maths.
Rice Pudding

Rice Pudding

In honor of National Rice Pudding day in August Leilah offers you her recipe for rice pudding, a trail favorite of Rue's.
It is with a heavy heart that the Board is announcing that the Homecoming event for August has been postponed. Due to a series of issues with Rue's health, we are unable to guarantee exactly when he will finish. Each of us here are disappointed, but we look forward to seeing you in future to celebrate.
In 2022 he has completed a re-scout of the southwest region of the APT and made plans to release a new route that ensures the safety of hikers in that region. As with all of the routes on the APT it is our priority to maintain the safety of our community, as well as conserving the land and resources. Rue has been working towards completing his footsteps from Omak, WA to Bend, OR despite a series of health issues.

We thank all of you for the continued and ongoing support. It is because of each of you that Rue has been successful in the journey. As our director would say "Let's Build iT!"

Leilah Grace

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Trail Mix Contest
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