I am a born and raised New Mexican living in Ruidoso/Mescalero. I spend my free time hiking, backpacking and participating as a team member of the White Mountain Search and Rescue as a Ground Pounder. When I am not wandering around the mountain side, I am tending to my garden, shooting landscape photography, playing with my pups and volunteering time as admin/moderator for several Facebook groups for older women and backpacking, dehydrating foods and other hiking specific pages. 

I have backpacked trails such as the Ruby Crest Trail, Wonderland Trail, a section of the CDT (with my adult son, Elijah) and trails here in New Mexico; my happiest summit being Wheeler Peak-the highest in NM. I have also participated in trail maintenance on the CDT. I cannot count the number of hiking miles I have logged I just know that I’ve enjoyed every step. In addition to hiking, I also participate in the Bataan Death March completing the 14.2 miles my first year and the 26.2 miles in roughly 9.5 hours the next year. I’ve also completed the March virtually completing 60 miles. 

I started following Rue and the APT around the middle of 2020…my first thoughts were “what an amazing undertaking!!” I continued to follow his page and then the APT page when it was created…I am in awe and continually inspired. I am truly excited to be a part of the APT team and a part of something that is most definitely bigger than life. 

Happy Hiking! 

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