January 2021


One year with the APT. Within the first month of volunteering to assist Rue he called and left me a chilling voicemail message; he was walking into west Texas almost out of food, and certainly out of money. I can remember standing in my kitchen, dressed in my clothes to go coach beginner gymnastics and my mouth gaping open. What was I going to do? Three hours later I finally had a moment to think, yet I was still unsure of the best direction, standing again in my kitchen trying to finalize […]

Hiking with Dogs

I love hiking with my dogs, and I thought I would share some of the things I consider when heading to the trails with them!Planning1. Is the trail pet friendly?Not every trail allows dogs, so always double check before setting off to the trailhead. Land trusts, Audubon Society properties, and trails that cross private land, just to name a few instances, may prohibit dogs. Check out the website for the hiking trail you’re going to, ask others who have been there, and thoroughly research to […]

Phone Calls

One year ago today I first spoke with Rue McKenrick on the phone. We had been in communication via Instagram for 3 weeks, but had not yet spoken. During that time period I had coached him through a back injury and learned a little more about him and his journey. Through our messaging I offered my assistance and we decided to speak on the phone when he was available.One year ago today I had already had an emotionally draining day. I had an appointment in the morning that brought up old traumatic […]