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Registration kicks off Friday 5/27 and ends Jun 17th! There is an early bird discount for those who register over the first weekend. All participants receive a custom race shirt!

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The American Perimeter Trail

The American Perimeter Trail (APT) is being designed and hiked by Rue McKenrick. Rue is a triple-crown hiker, having completed the Appalachian Trail, Pacific Crest Trail, and Continental Divide Trail in the 2000’s. In addition to these thru-hikes Rue has thousands of backcountry miles and other thru-hikes throughout the United States. Upon completion, the APT will be a loop trail that circumnavigates the contiguous United States with an estimated distance of 12,000 miles. The APT will use a combination of existing trails such as the Pacific Northwest Trail and North Country Trail and currently undefined routes. During the scouting phase Rue is hiking many cross-country routes using map and compass and the Gaia app. He expects to finish the first scouting hike in Summer 2022.

The Latest from Rue
Jun. 3, 2021

To The East

I spent the day milling over the eastern California Route from my PC. It didn’t seem feasible but with water […]

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