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The American Perimeter Trail

The American Perimeter Trail is a mechanism to make beautiful spaces and outdoor recreation more accessible to all while protecting land resources for future generations to enjoy. The trail is in its early stages and uses a combination of existing trails and undefined routes on its quest to secure and maintain an unbroken conservation corridor around the United States. This is a common trail development method employed by the country’s most legendary trail systems, such as the Pacific Crest, Appalachian, and Continental Divide Trails.

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The APT needs a variety of skills and talents to become a reality. We are always looking for people with special skills and expertise to bring our mission to life. Please follow the link to learn about the organization’s current needs.


“We support the concept of a long trail around the nation. We know what a challenge establishing and maintaining long trails can be. Ecologists are now confident that only by protecting large, connected landscapes (like the landscapes around long trails) can we ensure the future survival and sustainability of species as climate change forces many to move to new habitats…more connected and protected landscapes, we support it!”

—Scott Wilkinson, Director Pacific Crest Trail Association.

The APTC is a tax-exempt non-profit organization, under section 501c(3), all charitable donations are deductible to the full extent allowed by law.


The American Perimeter Trail is dedicated to protecting and preserving open spaces, and conservation is a core element in the creation of the trail. Browse our conservation resource pages for more information.

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