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2022 Jun. 3, 2021


2022 Jun. 3, 2021



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The Creation of the APT: A Documentary

Rue and the team from Wilderness Mindset are teaming up to create a documentary about the creation of the American Perimeter Trail. This documentary will be instrumental in spreading awareness about our mission and help us on our way to becoming a National Scenic Trail.

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The American Perimeter Trail

The American Perimeter Trail (APT) is being designed and hiked by Rue McKenrick. Rue is a triple-crown hiker, having completed the Appalachian Trail, Pacific Crest Trail, and Continental Divide Trail in the 2000’s. In addition to these thru-hikes Rue has thousands of backcountry miles and other thru-hikes throughout the United States. Upon completion, the APT will be a loop trail that circumnavigates the contiguous United States with an estimated distance of 12,000 miles. The APT will use a combination of existing trails such as the Pacific Northwest Trail and North Country Trail and currently undefined routes. During the scouting phase Rue is hiking many cross-country routes using map and compass and the Gaia app. He expects to finish the first scouting hike in Summer 2022.

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