If these hills could speak. North Georgia is shrouded in mystery and secrecy. Abandoned Moonshine Stills can be found covered by vegetation after years of non use. Old stone foundations remain as reminders of the regions Appalachia past. The Georgia Trail uses the footbed of The Pinhotti Trail. Much of this section remains on roads and will need years of planning and development to Connect The APT to The Cumberland Trail and The greater network now under the umbrella of The Great Eastern Trail.

Proposed Route

The APT is currently sharing foot bed with The Pinhoti Trail.

Some of the Georgia Trail remains on paved roads without sidewalks. For this reason The APTC will be scouting options for safer foot travel.

Pinhoti Alliance

Georgia Pinhoti

Serves as an excellent connector trail, linking the Pinhoti Trail in Alabama to the Appalachian Trail atop Springer Mountain, via the Benton MacKaye Trail found on the South Fork of Jacks River within the Conasauga Ranger District.

East Coast Greenway From Florida to Maine


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