About the Trail

Mission and Vision

The vision of the American Perimeter Trail Conference is to create a protected corridor of land and natural resources available for recreational use roughly tracing the contiguous United States.

The American Perimeter Trail seeks to connect the land, resources, people, and communities. It strives to encourage conservation efforts through recreation, allowing all people and generations to experience the diversity of the contiguous United States.

About the Trail

This trail is a 14,000 mile loop that circumnavigates the continental U.S. It uses existing trails such as the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT), the Appalachian Trail (AT) or parts of the North Country Trail. Rue backpacked many cross-country routes (off trail) and some undefined routes using map and compass. ​It was a process of creating, exploring, thru-hiking and designating.

This APT will create a more connected America, and bring outdoor recreation within reach for more communities across the country, better connecting the people to their public lands. Let’s build it!

Frequently Asked Questions About the Trail

How long is the trail?
The American Perimeter Trail will be at least 14,000 miles long. The actually mileage will change as the final route will vary from what Rue backpacked.

Why is New England not included?
Due to the Covid-19 global pandemic during the first scouting hike of the APT Rue made the choice to leave out New England to maintain his safety and the safety of others.

Will you include Florida?
There are plans to route the trail further across the southeast and include Florida.

What route did you follow up the East Coast?
Rue did not take the Appalachian Trail as it had been closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, so he created his own route up the western side of the Appalachian mountain range, loosely following the Great Eastern Trail and using parts of other smaller trails such as the Great Allegheny Passage.

How long did this route take?
Rue backpacked the first hike over a course of 3 years, which was about 25 months of backpacking. 

What gear did you use?
Gear varied depending on terrain and season. The first scouting hike of the APT covered all 4 seasons in different geographical locations and the gear had to be tailored to each.

What are the next steps for the trail?
Rue is updating the route and will be released on several trail applications. The Conference will begin connecting other regions, laying trail, and generating the infrastructure to create the conservation corridor.

Do you have plans to expand the trail?
Yes, the plan is to extend the trail up into New England eventually to the Canadian border, over to Florida, and further south in Texas.

Is there a lot of road walks in the APT?
There are some road walks in the APT, but the goal of the APT is to minimize road walking and use public lands as much as possible to create corridor of protected and preserved space available for recreational use.

Where can I follow along?
You can follow us here, on our Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube sites.

How can I help?
Head over the Support Our Work page, purchase something from our store, volunteer your time with the APTC, and share this webpage are just a few ways to get involved. We will have more on-the ground opportunities as the trail grows!

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