Take a deep dive into the culture of the Deep South. Louisiana has its own flavor when it comes to food, wetlands, and People. The area crosses many marshes perfect for world class bird watching. Due to the numerous wetlands and drainages the trail stays north of the Gulf Coast. This to allow more dry camping and hiking ground of the many Bayous. Louisiana does not currently have a long trail. Join us in Building The Louisiana Trail.

Proposed Route

The original trek highlighted the Homochitto National Forest. This is a good beginning to start to build the full APT Louisiana Section. When finished the route will be north to south rather than its current position of west to east. The COnference is working diligently to bring over 400 miles of trail to Louisiana. In doing so will provide a fuller recreational, commerce, and heritage experience. In the future Lousiana will have its own long trail that will be utilized as a Louisianna thru-hike.

Bayou State Trail

Louisiana is only one of three states that does not have a long-distance trail over 100 miles. It’s time that we develop one for our citizens and provide a unique way to experience the beauty of the bayou state!

We achieve this by providing volunteer, recreational, and educational opportunities for the diverse population of our state and beyond.

~Bayou State Trail Association

Lacombe Heritage Center

The Bootlace Trail


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