The Kentucky Trail makes use of existing trailbeds from The Pine Mountain Trail and The Pine Energy Trail. One can expect cascades abound during the Spring. The history is in the hills. See where the Forest has reclaimed the land where once large bituminous coal operations existed. The Appalachians aren’t just the Appalachian Trail anymore. Come see what the rest of Appalachia has to offer.

Proposed Route

Pine Mountain Trail

The Pine Mountain State Scenic Trail is a linear state park still under development. Once completed, the long distance trail designed for primitive camping (in shelters located every 14 miles), backpacking and hiking, will span approximately 120 miles from Breaks Interstate Park to Cumberland Gap National Historic Park 

Pike Energy Trail

This route is largely still undevelopment. 

TuGuNu Trail

TuGuNu Hiking Club is a group of dedicated, passionate, fun folks with a wide variety of skills and experience.


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North Country