Coordinator Updates

Phone Calls

One year ago today I first spoke with Rue McKenrick on the phone. We had been in communication via Instagram for 3 weeks, but had not yet spoken. During that time period I had coached him through a back injury and learned a little more about him and his journey. Through our messaging I offered my assistance and we decided to speak on the phone when he was available.One year ago today I had already had an emotionally draining day. I had an appointment in the morning that brought up old traumatic […]

Coordinator Update

​With Rue being home, safe in Bend one would think that my job as coordinator would be less stressful. In many senses it is; there is no more mad rush to pack a box and get it off in a few hours or the logistics of when to ship the next box so it’s not sitting too long at the post office. There is no worrying if it’s raining, snowing, or a threat of tornadoes coming at him. I don’t find myself wondering if I packed enough food in the box or if he has enough money to eat […]


By Leilah Grace There’s a custom of trail names in hiking. They are often given by your fellow hiking companions or can be chosen, but these monikers can become an intricate part of who you are as a hiker. Some names cross between trails, and sometimes new ones develop, it’s a flexible convention. Rue has a trail name from his earlier hiking, but prefers to go by Rue at this time.What you do not know is that Rue has a new trail name on the APT. He is called Star. Not a Hollywood star, but a sta […]