Trail Stories

August 2020

There has been much that has occurred this past month for Rue and the APT. He began the month in the southeastern section of Michigan just over the Ohio border, still recovering when when a tree fell on him while sleeping in his hammock. From there he progressed northwest towards the Grand Rapids area and then due north towards the famous Mackinaw Bridge. He hiked a mix of the North Country Trail and a route of his own making, preferring the beautiful forests to road walking.  Early in the […]

The Meeting

It was a meeting 5 months in the making. Rue and I met over Instagram in December 2019 when he posted about a back injury and I offered my physical therapy expertise. From there we chatted and eventually I offered to assist in anyway possible. Mid-January 2020 I officially joined this project, and it was May 28, 2020 before Rue and I finally met in person.​When I joined this project we had a small Facebook community page, this website and Rue’s personal Instagram account. Since then we hav […]


While Rue is out hiking he likes to create characters and make up stories. He recorded a short one for us. Take a listen function setupElement100129417988865621() { var requireFunc = window.platformElementRequire || window.require; // Relies on a global require, specific to platform elements requireFunc([ ‘w-global’, ‘underscore’, ‘jquery’, ‘backbone’, ‘util/platform/elements/PlatformElement’, ‘util/platform/elements/PlatformElementSettings’ ], function( _W, _, $, Backbone, Platfor […]

Leave no trace toothpaste disgrace

I am a CERTIFIED Leave-No-Trace TRAINER. Relax, it’s not a big deal and I make mistakes and misjugdements all the time. I am not a LNT Cop. I do my best to practice these principles in my backcountry affairs. It’s really not that difficult. Pack out what you pack in (Oopppps they just revoked my certification) . Stuff…. like used toilet paper (my karma for not having children).Anyway, one way of handling toothpaste waste is by a Spitting Dispersement. Here is what it look likes.Check out on In […]

Fragrant neutral while hitchhiking

Long distance backpacking requires some hitchhiking for resupplying. One hitches from the trail to resupply and then hitches back to the spot they left on the trail.  Thank you for the rides Folks. I always enjoy the back of a truck bed. It’s more fragrant neutral for the driver. Ha. […]