Tim McGrath

Geographer, Software Engineer

Tim McGrath is a Geographer and Software Engineering Manager with experience from the U.S. Geological Survey, Microsoft Mapping, Nokia/HERE Maps, and others. He is managing the APT interactive map.

I’m a digital Geographer by training, experience, and passion. In my youth I have also had careers as an Outdoor Raft Guide, Hiking Leader, Rock Climbing Instructor, and ACA Whitewater Canoe Instructor. I learned about the American Perimeter Trail in a Bend Bulletin article that described Rue’s end of the scouting hike. I joined the APT (you should too), and emailed Rue to ask if he needed help with a trail map. I really love to learn new things and have had fun deepening my knowledge of the open-source Geographic Information System software called QGIS. I like software engineering and have been learning a lot more about the open-source web mapping library Leaflet with help from several other contributors (see Map Acknowledgements).

I am outdoors as much as I can. I’m a fan of Shinrin-yoku. My wife and I love long distance hikes among other activities, whether it’s wilderness or more “civilized” hut-to-hut or village-to-village. I am a big fan of E.O. Wilson’s Half-Earth Project and any local re-wilding project that can bring some serious nature back into people’s lives. Let’s give half of earth a chance.

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