The APT’s First Shelter

Nov. 23, 2021

By Rue McKenrick

Just a few miles from the Confluences of The FLAT, Grand, and Thornapple Rivers, and The North Country Trail Association Headquarters is a major Lodestone for the APT. It is a place I have been, and certainly intend making other Pilgrimages to. That’s right Pilgrimage. This is now a APT Historical Site in Real Time. Yes, can you feel it. It’s strange to feel History in Real Time but this is the best way I can explain The APT Experience. The home of The APT’s first shelter. The Builder will name it but for now I refer to it as Shelter #1 (yeah I know, how creative). 

The Builder, Proprietor, and Maintainer is none other than our own APT Community family member, Buck Hough. I met Buck, his lovely wife Jen, and doggie Kreed on my trek through Michigan. I could write a whole story on the time the three of us spent together and a chapter solely devoted to singing their praises (hmm maybe I should) but for now I will mostly let the photos do the talking.

Check out more on at the APT Community Page.

The APT Memorial S* House with Buck and my shoes nailed to the side. While sitting on the pot you can view this hand drawn route of The APT done by yours truly

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