Sep. 27, 2022

By Suzanne “Cricket” Binelli

This past week I reached a goal I’ve been working on for over a year, I’ve completed 400 of the 800+ miles of Blue Blazed trails in Connecticut. It has been a lot of fun but also challenging, frustrating, thrilling, amazing, and sometimes painful. Lessons learned, new places found and new friends made. My little state is pretty gorgeous and I’m excited that eventually the APT will run through it.

I wrote a few months ago about how having certain goals was creating more stress and less enjoyment when hiking. I took a step back and hiked several local trails that have become my ‘go to’ when I want to wander in the woods. In doing so I also decided to volunteer for trail maintenance, another goal that I had not really put any effort into achieving. I didn’t realize how fulfilling it would be to give back to the trails that bring me solace. I absolutely recommend it. And if you are near an APT town, we will need you! And if you are not near an APT town, we will still need you!!!

Just this past week I was thrilled as Rue completed his goal of connecting his footsteps around the country. I am very grateful that I am part of this wonderful organization and was able to share that moment with him!  

Some things take time and sometimes things happen at just the right time. While I am now working toward the 800 mile goal, it will not cause me stress, it will happen when it happens. I will enjoy the journey. We also now work towards ‘phase 2’ of the APT, which will also take time. In speaking with Rue recently, I started getting wayyy ahead of where we are currently with the trail, but we agreed that it is good to have dreams and plans….goals. 

There are wonderful things ahead and I appreciate all of you who are traveling along with us.


“If you want to be happy, set a goal that commands your thoughts, liberates your energy and inspires your hopes.”

Andrew Carnegie

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