Welcome Leilah Grace

Mar. 07, 2020
In January the APT team gained a new member, Leilah Grace. Leilah is a pediatric physical therapist, hiker, writer and single mom to 4 kids. She is our coordinator for the APT, managing resupplies, media/press and social media for the Facebook page, as well as personal physical therapist to Rue. In the short time that she has joined the APT team she has secured a handful of interviews, raised funds and created an Amazon wishlist. Her goal is to broaden the support network for Rue so he can focus on hiking while still promoting the American Perimeter Trail. Her volunteer efforts are so greatly appreciated.

Welcome to the team Leilah!

You can follow her adventures on Instagram at @leilah.grace.adventures
You can read her writing over at All Women All Trails

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