Welcome Aaron!

​Hello, APTC Community! My name is Aaron Owens Mayhew and I’m an ultralight long-distance backpacker and a registered dietitian with […]

Leilah’s Story

In 2019 I rediscovered my love of hiking and fell in love with backpacking. Much of my kid-free time was being spent on hiking, backpacking, and learning more about this community. I found Rue on Instagram in the fall of 2019 shortly after joining Instagram and found myself intrigued by his project. On a fateful December day I read that Rue had sustained a back injury, and being a physical therapist I was compelled to reach out to offer any assistance I could provide. W […]

Dani’s Story

I joined the American Perimeter Trail team just this past October and have been enjoying getting to “meet” you all through social media, and especially seeing everyone’s posts in our American Perimeter Trail Community Facebook group. The APT first drew my attention in February, when I heard Rue on a podcast and thought to myself “who the heck would walk around the country?!” But it is so much more than a walk. Of course, he was out there hiking and will be again, a […]

Welcome Dani

The APT has gained a new team member this month. Dani is digital media manager for a radio station cluster, hiker, and single mom to twin girls and two dogs. She is our media and public relations manager, handling media and press communications and helping to raise awareness and support of the APT. She has worked with several nonprofits in the past, and this opportunity to join that experience with her passion for the outdoors is very exciting for her.You can follow her on instagram @dani.h […]

Welcome Leilah Grace

In January the APT team gained a new member, Leilah Grace. Leilah is a pediatric physical therapist, hiker, writer and single mom to 4 kids. She is our coordinator for the APT, managing resupplies, media/press and social media for the Facebook page, as well as personal physical therapist to Rue. In the short time that she has joined the APT team she has secured a handful of interviews, raised funds and created an Amazon wishlist. Her goal is to broaden the support network for Rue so he can focus […]