October 2020


On October 24, 2020 Rue made the difficult and courageous decision to end his continuous foot path on the first scout of the APT. After a long, intermittent illness and early intense snowfall he determined that it was no longer safe for him to continue the westward journey any farther than the Bismarck, North Dakota area where he stopped.

Welcome Dani

The APT has gained a new team member this month. Dani is digital media manager for a radio station cluster, hiker, and single mom to twin girls and two dogs. She is our media and public relations manager, handling media and press communications and helping to raise awareness and support of the APT. She has worked with several nonprofits in the past, and this opportunity to join that experience with her passion for the outdoors is very exciting for her.You can follow her on instagram @dani.h […]