American Majesty

Dec. 21, 2021

By Suzanne “Cricket” Binelli

Do you remember the first time nature took your breath away?

I took this not so great photo of the Grand Canyon when I was about 9. Growing up in Connecticut, we didn’t see this kind of majesty ever. We visited a lot of beautiful places that same summer, but this was the highlight.  We parked at the Grand Canyon Trailer Village which was walking distance to the edge of the canyon.  I made my dad put up the tent even though we had a perfectly good camper to sleep in and may have had plans to sneak out and climb into the canyon given I was denied the donkey rides available. I am still in CT without a canyon or a donkey but I do have plans to make my way back out to see the beauty of the West again one day. Maybe I’ll even be able to hike my way there, visiting my APT family along the way. 

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