To The East

Apr. 26, 2022

By Rue McKenrick

I spent the day milling over the eastern California Route from my PC. It didn’t seem feasible but with water it was completely doable. Perhaps it would even be pleasant. I sketched the line in purple, connected many water sources ,and sat back satisfied to view the route. What would I call it? It basically connected California, through Arizona, and onward to New Mexico and Texas. But what about the water?
The next day I called anyone I could within proximity to the route. This included land management agencies, stores, town halls, law enforcement, anyone.

I was reassured there had just been a storm and everything should be flowing. I didn’t believe this for one moment but was willing to suspend some of my own beliefs. See my original APT Hike took be through Death Valley and Nevada. I wanted to find a route closer to the Perimeter and way, way, way not as deadly. I had barely made it through that route myself and it wasn’t my first rodeo.
In route to 225 ft below sea level. That’s right I said below. The heat was becoming to much. The last several springs were dry and I was in serious trouble. My nose began to bleed and my lips did as well. My eyes felt as if they were shrinking back into their respective sockets. I looked at my map in the glaring sun and decided to head north. I found the road on my map and almost collapsed. A driver dropped me at a hotel. I could barely speak for my throat was so parched. I made into my room and did not move for 12 hours, but only to get some water when I first entered. I threw it up and slumbered for the next half day…….

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