It’s the Thought that Spatters..

Jun. 24, 2023

I am asked, “what do you think about, hiking alone for so many years?” 

Well usually……. just about the bird song, what plant is that, I wonder when the last time was they harvested this forest, maybe  north is a better route for the APT, storm rolling in tomorrow by the look of those clouds, I can’t believe I misplaced another spoon, probably dry out the tent at lunch, a lot snow still in those hills, what day is it, when is the post office open,

so many feral dogs yesterday,

time to get new socks and shoes, I wonder if that slide was recent, thought there would be people on this trail, those are killdeer, oh I am spiritually bypassing again, oh now I am intellectually bypassing, you can still see the wagon tracks, thirsty, remember when we built that stick and leaf damn at Dark Hollow, why am I not hungry, gonna camp in that saddle if it’s not too early, maybe I should have left her years earlier, hi Mister Woodpecker, a tortilla for dinner, good one rue, I’m tired, a rusty can, where is the next water, gotta sew the shorts tonight, thats ryholite, darn duct tape, I wonder what the circumference of the moon is, I don’t have $42 for new socks and shoes, this looks familiar, deja vu, I wonder what it would be like to be around backpackers all this time, are we humans observing the universe or are we all the universe observing humans, smells bad, I should probably turn on my phone one of these days, gotta call the FS, pay for that amendment, board meeting, what about central Texas, I wonder if I will always be alone from here on out, come on, thank you sun, thank you mother earth, what does love even feel like, I wonder what those ole boys in town meant by that, seriously, I should have done it all different but then I wouldn’t be here and here is swell, thats infected, wonder how everyone is, it would be kind of neat to have a dog, sweat,  I am blessed, oh nature calls, and I can’t believe I lost another dang spoon.


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