Jul. 30, 2023

Enjoy some photos of our first hike on Section 1 in Cornwall CT July 2023

We began at the Mohawk blue blazed trail and started east through Cornwall. This is an iconic New England town with farms, waterways, historical cemeteries and old stone walls throughout the woods. Much of this first part was on back roads or ‘tractor’ roads that are used to get from farm to farm.

Section 2 Ct APT Cornwall/Goshen August 2023

We left the road walks and started up what is called an abandoned highway which I consider a carriage trail. Much of this trail was wide, flat and through some beautiful sections of woods. We landed at a waterway which we could not cross due to so much overgrowth. We would need to add a walkway to cross the water or come back late fall/early winter to see if there is a path across on either side.

Possible Alt Route due to water crossing on original planned route

With our dead end at the water, we opted to review the maps and see if there was an alternate route around the water. We continued up the carriage road for a few miles and this does seem to be a good path forward. Trail is wide and over grown in some areas and we did also encounter some badly washed out sections. this is considered a muti use trail but riding a bike on it in its current condition could be dangerous. Lots of different plants and mushrooms, some glacial erratics and a lot of tiny frogs.

One thought on “CT APT

  1. This is absolutely AMAZING!!! Rue is a dedicated and ingenious explorer with a vision like no other. And the best part? He committed his life to this project and achieved his goal!!!

    I am so proud to call myself his friend. SO honored.

    Love you Rue!

    Mama B

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